Best Battle Mats for Necromunda Underhive and Zone Mortalis

Hey there, fellow Necromunda lovers!

Ever found yourself searching high and low for the perfect way to make your Necromunda Ash Wastes games more engaging and visually striking? I’ve been there too! I’ve scoured tons of websites comparing all the battle mats out there, and I’ve put together a list of the best ones to amp up your Ash Wastes battles. Check out these awesome game mats to give your Necromunda sessions a seriously cool upgrade!

NB: The recommendation for the canvas is a Neoprene/Mousepad material. The minimum recommended size is 44″x30″.

1. Skirmish Mats – Industrial Zone Mat

This mat is the best one on the market! I don’t have any affiliation with that company or the people working there. Actually, I even ruined myself in shipping costs getting this one to my country but really. The design is excellent and it’s beautifully printed. The resolution is perfect and you can see plenty of details on it without being too over the top at all. And also, the tiles are all 2inchesx2 inches which are perfect for Zone Mortalis×36/products/industrial-zone-mat?variant=32937335619618

2. – Cyberpunk

We forget about it sometimes but Necromunda is definitely a cyberpunk game! It’s just that we are quite away from the neons and all the shiny colour schemes inside a hive that we can see in how this genre is depicted on screen nowadays. The design of this mat is absolutely gorgeous and will do well to give a little character to your games

3. Warzone Studio – Los Duas

This battle mat has a formidable look and if it didn’t have this eye-catching yellow signage in the middle that seems a bit too out of place, it would be perfect! But really, you’ll have a tone of scenery sitting on top anyway so it shouldn’t be that an issue.

Battle Mats for Going to Necromunda Sump City – Swamp

If you’re after playing a game of Necromunda in the swamp, this mat is definitely for you! What I regret is that the finish is mat instead of slightly glossy.