Dark Lotus

Dark Lotus is a game setting by Ashen Quarter. It’s also the name of a city present in that same game setting, also known as the Dark Hive.


In the distant future, humanity has colonized countless planets across the vast galaxy. On one such planet, immense cities, housing millions of inhabitants, sprawl across its surface and reach far into the sky. One of those cities is Dark Lotus, colloquially known as the Dark Hive. It’s a city that has been plunged into darkness for centuries after being cut off from the power grid. The power has been partially restored by the ruling class but their intentions are far from being benevolent.

The rich and powerful ruled from lofty heights, while the oppressed masses toil away in the depths below, forever hidden from any natural light, enslaving themselves to get access to power sources. The air of the city is thick with pollution and the stench of decay, casting an oppressive pall over the city.

Within this complex network of towering spires and dark underbellies, rival gangs vie for control, seeking resources to ensure their survival. The rulers of the upper echelons remain indifferent, as the violence and strife down below only serve to maintain their grip on the people.

For the denizens of this city, each day is a struggle. The inhabitants navigate treacherous paths through the city’s underbelly, seeking food, clean water, and the means to stay alive. In this harsh, unforgiving environment, only the strongest and most cunning survive, with betrayal and brutality the order of the day.

Amidst the chaos and despair, a fierce determination drives these warriors of the urban wasteland, as they carve out their legends in the fires of conflict. In this city where darkness reigns, hope flickers like a distant star, ever out of reach but never entirely forgotten.

Gaming Content

In the Crows’ Nest (Adventure Book)

Horned Beasts (Gang Book)

  • https://www.etsy.com/listing/1554059131
  • Fighter profiles
  • a unique Savagery skill category
  • Mystic wyrd discipline for your shaman
  • Ancestral Bond ritual rules
  • Minotaur brute
  • Fully compatible with N23 rules