Horned Beasts: A Gang of Primal Savagery (PDF Gang Book)

Horned Beasts: A Gang of Primal Savagery (PDF Gang Book)

Greetings everyone! I’m thrilled to introduce you to a project I’ve been working on for quite some time – the “Horned Beasts” Gang Book!

In this endeavour, I’ve delved deep into the untamed world of the Horned Beasts, a fearsome gang of beastmen driven by primal instincts and mystical powers. It’s been an exciting journey creating fighter profiles, crafting unique skills, and even customising some mystic disciplines that capture the raw essence of these warriors.

I’m making this PDF gang book available here for all to enjoy!

You can download it right here:

For those who’d like to take their support a step further, I’ve also set up an Etsy listing where you can purchase the PDF for less than a few dollars. Your contribution helps me continue creating more content for this community. Etsy listing here: https://ashenquarter.etsy.com/listing/1554059131

Thank you!