Crafting Immersive Campaigns in Necromunda: Start With a Template Letter!

Crafting Immersive Campaigns in Necromunda: Start With a Template Letter!

Are you anything like me? Do you have this burning desire to inject a little narrative magic into your Necromunda campaigns? I’ve got a confession to make – I’m not exactly the best at churning out battle reports for example so this is not my way (yet). I tend to get lost in the nitty-gritty logistics of fighters’ moves and dice rolls, and before I know it, the story aspect falls by the wayside. But I’ve found a different way to bring life to my adventures in the Underhive.

Instead of narrating games, I’ve started to craft in-universe documents and artefacts, painting a vivid picture of our beloved and gritty world. Just recently, I created a letter to be used for the third week of our Cinderak Burning campaign with my club. I believe it’s the kind of thing that can really draw players into the campaign’s narrative and keep everyone entertained.

You can get your hands on this letter template here! It’s a user-friendly PDF with embedded fonts, a PDF reader is enough to use it and customise it.

If you want to go further, I’ve also created a newspaper front page template that’s a perfect fit for Necromunda’s dark vibes, or for other post-apocalyptic worlds like Fallout. You can find this newspaper template over at my Etsy Store right here:

These resources aren’t just tools for world-building; they’re your ticket to storytelling that’ll keep your players hooked. Contact me on Instagram if you have any questions!